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Doom metal pioneers Pentagram latest offering LAST RITES features the reuniting of hard-living and hard-luck frontman Bobby Leibling with longtime guitarist Victor Griffin after over a decade, culminating in the graceful and powerful 11 tracks that adorn this release. Pentagram delved through their vast archive of unfinished business to gather a wealth of this collection’s material, unearthing nearly three decades of tracks for Griffin’s soulful six-string delivery (“Walk in Blue Light”, “American Dream”) and Lebling’s commanding croon (“Treat Me Right”, “Into the Ground”) to majestically re-stake their claim at the top of the doom metal heap. Despite a tumultuous history of lineup changes and Leibling’s well-documented substance abuse issues, this latest installment of Pentagram finds the band reinvigorated with the spirit of doom and all members cleans and sober to properly deliver that scintillating spark of metallic magic (“8”) as only the pairing of two complimentary elements can muster.
- Mike SOS