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Even though they are labeled as a hardcore band, menacing Chicago outfit Harm’s Way doles out a punishing blend of crust metal and sludgy metalcore that mercilessly pours on the pain on their eight-track offering ISOLATION. Exhibiting a thick low-end attack with a vitriolic vocalist leading this squad’s venomous aural assault, this troupe displays a fair amount of Hatebreed-esque violence-inducing chugfests (“Breeding Grounds”) with a dastardly D-beat disposition (“Isolation”) and a curious penchant for Ringworm-like doom-laden explorations (“Becoming’), creating a foreboding atmosphere straight from the darkest corners of the moshpit. Projecting an abundance of hostility with a solid yet simply delivered dose of brutality, Harm’s Way melds modern hardcore aggressiveness with a predictable yet effective bludgeoning assault to form a slightly redundant yet completely crushing musical experience.
- Mike SOS