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Hail! Hornet is a quartet featuring an all-star lineup of T-Roy Medlin (Sourvein),“Dixie” Dave Collins (Weedeater), Vince Burke (Beaten Back to Pure), and Erik Larson (Alabama Thunderpussy, Birds of Prey) whose 11-track effort DISPERSE THE CURSE demonstrates the level of excellence and confidence a band labeled as a supergroup should exude. Bombastic bass and thunderous drums lead this unit’s surge from the crust-laden underground (“Blacked Out in Broad Daylight”) while an incessant barrage of gargantuan riffs and scathing vocals (“Dullards Creed”) keeps the atmosphere brutal throughout (“Shoot the Pigs”). Providing an arsenal of suffocating compositions chock full of misanthropic slow crawls of sludge (“Disperse the Curse”, “Kill The Liars”) with a sufficient share of good old southern rock jams crammed in (“Beast of Bourbon”), Hail! Hornet delivers a seething blend of downtrodden metal with dollops of backwoods charm and unsurpassed ferocity.
- Mike SOS