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Swedish death metal veterans Vomitory celebrate their 20-plus years in the extreme scene with latest release OPUS MORDI VIII, a savage yet blatantly unoriginal 10-track affair. Citing Slayer, Bolt Thrower, Vader, and the early Florida death metal scene as influence, this quartet picks and chooses through the vast vault of past metal glories to comprise their version of death metal depravity, often times bordering on out and out plagiarism as a result. Nonetheless, if you can get past Vomitory’s obvious tributes to their inspirations and total lack of creativity, then strap yourself in and enjoy this squad doing what they do best, replicating the pummeling percussive work, dastardly guitars, ground shaking bass, and raspy vocal growls to evoke obligatory comparisons to the pioneers of the genre.
- Mike SOS