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Mongrel is a seasoned Boston-based band that, like most bands in the DIY underground that have stuck it out through thick and thin, has seen its share of ups and downs throughout their tenure. Yet this undaunted troupe always comes back hitting just as hard as ever, even when the chips are down as indicated on their latest five-track EP DECLAMATION. Losing a lead singer is always a very tricky situation to overcome, yet Mongrel recruited powerhouse Jessica Sierra to join the fold and seem to have regained any steam they lost in the process (“All Coming Down”) while administering some of their heaviest riffs to date to boot (“Fucked it All Away”). This punk-metal quartet rolls with the punches and puts out the kind of music that they want, a blend of melodic heaviness with a spiky edge that allows them the conviction to pull off a cover of “Dig Up Her Bones” by The Misfits off as well as present their bold blend of punk and metal.
- Mike SOS