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Norwegian squad Vreid steps their game up considerably on the unit’s properly titled fifth effort V, importing a wealth of influence from a bevy of both predictable and left of center sources to bolster their brand of ambitious black metal (“The Sound of the River”). Implementing a slew of styles from black ‘n roll (“Fire on the Mountain”) to ethereal (“Then We Die”), this quartet formed from the ashes of Windir mixes their maelstrom of malice up with volatile degrees of variation from folk-inflected serenity to mayhem-inducing rage to comprise a richly textured nine-track extreme metal endeavor. Armed with a bountiful bunch of changes in shape and feel without disarming the harsh tones and bold presence of black metal, Vreid pushes past genre constraints to create a marvelous display of forward thinking black metal that fans of Opeth and former tourmates Enslaved would definitely approve of.
- Mike SOS