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The heavy music scene in NYC is enjoying resurgence of late and Ikillya is one of the many talented acts involved in this Big Apple groundswell. The troupe’s latest endeavor RECON renders a monstrous 10-track melodic metal meltdown, combining the technical aggression of Lamb of God with the contagious fury of Devildriver to comprise a high-octane hybrid of thrash, death and metalcore. Fusing intricate fretwork and brawny bass (“Razorblades”), balls to the wall ferocity, and memorable hook-laden heaviness, Ikillya keeps their pace quick yet bruising, maintaining a thrash metal backbeat which allows the band’s fits of rage to be properly exhibited while Jason Lekberg’s rabid vocals lead the rush (“Escape Plan”). If you dig modern metal taken from the Pantera family tree, Ikillya is right up your alley.
- Mike SOS