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At a quick listen of the seven-track sophomore effort FOWL, Australian instrumental quartet Heirs seem to owe a bit of gratitude to both Isis and Neurosis, as this relatively new act definitely demonstrates many €of the heady traits from both squads while brewing their own cranial cramming concoction of skull bashing oddities laden with cascading melodies and well-textured build-ups. Implementing much of their sound and fury from the aforementioned units, this band also exhibits an impressive industrial edge that gets repetitive without being boring with a resonant dark rock aura underneath, juxtaposing seminal acts Godflesh and Swans to form a modern slant on avant-garde heaviness. While the lack of vocals may find it hard for listeners to latch on to, Heirs have created an adventurous album brimming over with an unsettling quirkiness for folks that enjoy the more experimental elements of metal.
- Mike SOS