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Polarizing Brooklyn squad Liturgy expand their already broadened horizons further on sophomore effort AESTHETHICA. While many of the breakneck drum and cascading guitar nuances that comprise this quartet’s quirky charm remains, Liturgy goes off their self-proclaimed transcendental black metal trail intermittently on this release with success, daringly dipping into the sludge metal pool on “Veins of God” before returning to their noisy and chaotic template on “Red Crown while an oddly placed keyboard interlude (“Helix Crown”) and choral chanting (“True Will”, “Glass Earth”) sounding as if taken from a 70’s cult horror film intro music provide hypnotic breaks from blood curdling vocals and excessive technical metal meltdowns. Retaining their penchant for repetition and thirst for exploration, Liturgy is still worlds away from the mainstream yet implements enough decisively memorable metal moments to pique the interest of more than the average heavy music listener.
- Mike SOS