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Hailing from Boston, MA, VYGR (pronounced Voyager for those who can afford vowels) uncoil a collection of downtrodden and doom-laden cosmic sludge with galactic themes on the 10-track HYPERSLEEP. Striking a balance between the aggression of Isis (“Galactic”), the instrumental prowess of Pelican (“The Hidden”), and the structural flow of Cult of Luna, this group weaves elaborate and ornate textures into a foundation of colossal heaviness, creating atmospheric enlightenments that allow listeners a shotgun seat in VYGR’s exhilarating post-metal rocket ship as it orbits around the Earth. Stocked with a plethora of keyboard originated sound effects seemingly ripped from a ‘70s sci-fi television show with a hearty helping of downtuned riffs and harsh vocal bellows, this quintet blasts into space with a metal gaze extravaganza for fans who choose to boldly go where no man has gone before.
- Mike SOS