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North Carolina-based doom metal merchants Sourvein unleash a ruthless display of menacing sludge metal with a soulful side on the brooding squad’s latest offering BLACK FANG. Even though Sourvein has remained active through countless lineup changes via splits with other likeminded acts and a handful of EP releases, this 10-track affair marks the band’s first full album since 2002. Righteously challenging the threshold of oppressiveness, this quartet exhibits a colossal combination of anger and despair with every deliberate percussive strike, ear shattering guitar feedback squeal, pummeling bass line and tortured growl they project (“Night Eyes”), keeping songs short in length yet no less hypnotic nor bludgeoning in comparison to the output from many of their peers (“Society’s Blood”). Piling on the punishment without reprieve, Sourvein delivers a masterful demonstration of slow churned sludge metal that requires to be played at maximum volume.
- Mike SOS