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New Jersey metal multi-instrumentalist Eli Litwin is the driving force behind the forward-thinking math metal project INTENSUS, whose eponymous 16-track affair further pushes the boundaries of an already advanced form of music. For this album, Litwin began by recording the drums and guitars by himself with no solid game plan in place (in one take, no less), creating an improvisational smorgasbord of heaviness chock full of skull fracturing riffs and disarming rounds of disjointed rhythms and downtrodden dissonance. Then, he recruited guest vocalists from many of his friendís bands to provide the brutal vocal tracks, resulting in this slab of free form cacophony. Experimental and eccentric, Intensus may come off a bit too clinical to the laymen, but for those who crave unbridled unpredictability with a severe headstomping crush, Intensus delivers a formidable offering.
- Mike SOS