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Swedish quartet Graveyard is a band whose deeply entrenched roots in classic hard rock and metal will entice anyone clamoring for something old school, as these predominant traits set the tone on the troupe’s latest endeavor HISINGEN BLUES. Using the works of the greats in the game as a blueprint to create their own authentically produced organically concocted analog offering, everything from the terse rhythm section pumping out the swagger to the bottomless array of molten hot guitar licks to the histrionically self-assured vocals cast across the entire affair vehemently screams retro rock ‘n roll at its finest. Striking a balance between mellow and heavy with a hearty helping of psychedelic blues-rock grandiosity, Graveyard sophomore effort is a soulful rock masterpiece and is essential listening for any fan of Zeppelin, Cream, and Sabbath in their prime.
- Mike SOS