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For over 15 years, Montreal metal machine Neuraxis have been whipping up a smorgasbord of tumultuous technical metal across the globe. Their latest release ASYLON contains 10 tracks of unhinged aggression and pristine musical expertise colliding, as the squad’s devastating demonstrations of metallic punishment relentlessly go for the jugular and express no signs of the band resting on its laurels or slowing down. In fact, despite not one single original member remaining in the unit, Neuraxis impressively continues to create a similar strand of the forward thinking yet destructive style of heaviness that they have championed since their inception, complete with a bevy of blast-beat brutality and death metal intricacies that are wondrous to behold (“Sinister”). Boasting an apocalyptic abundance of crushing riffs, belligerent vocals, and complex compositions working in cahoots to develop a chaotic cranium-bashing experience (“Trauma”), Neuraxis delivers a slab of top shelf futuristic death metal that does not disappoint.
- Mike SOS