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German outfit Taletellers strike a balance between meaty riffs and melodic hooks on their 13-track affair RADICALIZER. Chugging through a batch of hard rock tunes injected with an above average sense of aggression (“Radicalizer”, “Sadistico”), this quartet displays a penchant for dispersing a retread brand of heavy metal with discernible structural similarities to Euro sleaze rock and Los Angeles hair metal of the days gone by (“Calling the Demon”) with a tougher demeanor thanks to gang vocals and a biting guitar tone rounding out their sound (“Go to Hell”). Durable yet unspectacular, Taletellers find the middle ground between the modern angst of Papa Roach, the down and dirty nature of Shotgun Messiah and the classically heavy approach of Helloween, making their latest endeavor a serviceable hard rock concoction.
- Mike SOS