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Germany’s Voodoo Circle return with their sophomore effort steeped firmly in the classic hard rock realm of the 1970’s and early 1980’s. BROKEN HEART SYNDROME contains 13 tracks bursting with catchy riffs (“Heal My Pain”, “Don’t Take My Heart”) and bluesy vocal histrionics blaring out clichéd lyrics that can easily be traced to Whitesnake (“When Destiny Calls’), Badlands or Rainbow (“Blind Man”). With a strong emphasis on melody leading the charge, this unit comprised of members of Silent Force, Primal Fear, and Sinner follow the vintage hard rock templates laid out by their peers with great caution to deliver a decisively accurate throwback album chock full of enormous sounding choruses and rock solid rhythms that fans of traditional hard rock and heavy metal such as Deep Purple and UFO are bound to enjoy.
- Mike SOS