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Pushing through a durable blend of melodic death metal with subtle yet significant power and progressive metal overtones (“Seers of the Schaton”), Swedish sextet Scar Symmetry show signs of comfortably settling into their new dual vocal situation after the departure of Christian Alverstam a few albums back on latest endeavor THE UNSEEN EMPIRE. With their usual stellar twin guitarwork (“Astronomicon”) and a predictable yet entertaining alternating good cop/bad cop vocal at the top of this troupe’s plan of attack, Scar Symmetry chooses to break little new ground here, opting to play to their strengths instead with a patented pristine delivery firing on all cylinders (“The Anomaly”). Formulaic yet upbeat and catchy (“The Draconian Arrival”), this nine-track expedition yields very little in the way of surprises yet possesses the propensity to rear back and hurl an amalgamation of melody and heaviness (“Alpha and Omega”) that modern Euro metal fans will be all too familiar with yet should have little problem embracing nonetheless.
- Mike SOS