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The latest release from resilient California punk hardcore outfit The Warriors comes after a three and a half year layoff and a few lineup changes that have given the band a classic hardcore tome with a decisively meaner disposition as shown on SEE HOW YOU ARE. From the menacing tone of “Seize the Fire” to the Zao-flavored chugs and squeals that comprise “Mental Chains”, The Warriors have upped their aggression level considerably with Pantera-sized outros and Hatebreed-esque fury fueling their ambush on the senses (“Here We Go Again”) without losing sight of the melodic leanings that helped them stand out since their inception (“Pit of Shame”). Doling out a mixed bag of melodic hardcore with a slew of metalcore tendencies (“Where I Stand”), The Warriors continue to pack a wallop that is sure to please mosh pit mongers everywhere with enough diversity to keep their 90’s hardcore influence harmoniously in check with their budding metallic maturity (“The Enforcer”).
- Mike SOS