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Veteran Indiana metal mavens The Gates of Slumber churn out righteous dollops of doom on the unit’s latest offering WRETCH. This eight-track excursion exemplifies the spirit radiate by bands like Black Sabbath and St. Vitus with decisively plodding tempos and dramatically writhing riffs at the forefront of their assault (“Day of Farewell”) while an Ozzy meets Wino vocal warble bellows somber and forlorn emotions dripping with despair (“Castle of the Devil”). Ominous and deliberate (“Bastards Born”), The Gates of Slumber shuffle into new territory with confident six-string ooze and rhythmic pummeling aplenty controlling the band’s crushing compositions and deliberate tempos, retaining a cavernous cacophony without eschewing the squad’s traditional metal roots (“To The Rack With Them”), making a crushing entity that finds ways to pay homage to masters of the slow and low metal such as Cathedral, Trouble, and Candlemass without ripping them off completely.
- Mike SOS