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Comprised of seven re-recorded versions of older material and three brand new tracks, RENDERED WATERS is the latest album by 80’s metal outfit Kingdom Come, best known as the most blatant of all of the era’s Led Zeppelin imitators. The dependable vocal chops of chief member Lenny Wolf leads this incarnation of the band through both the latest versions of songs from the first few albums chosen by the Wolf and fans and the new cuts with his powerful bluesy warble shining bright while a modern production value considerably beefs up the older songs to fit what today’s hard rock requires. The new material here shows a bit of a departure for the band as well, with “Neon Trees” taking a majestic power metal stroke and “Don’t Remember” putting a Scorpions-esque ballad spin on things. Yet some things never change, and this disc finds Kingdom Come continuously chasing the Led Zeppelin grail as ardently as before, resorting back to recycling old tricks with a fresh coat of paint.
- Mike SOS