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Veteran Chicago trio Macabre unveil a new batch of murder metal tunes on the unit’s latest 14-track offering GRIM SCARY TALES. Known for fusing folksy unorthodox Nursery Rhyme-esque melodies (“Bella the Butcher”) into a bizarre death/thrash/grind blend while singing about serial killers and mass murderers and their depraved and heinous methods, this cult squad shows no sign of letting up or going light on this release with their polarizing lyrical content and quirky juxtaposing of musical styles on full blast from end to end. Songs such as “The Sweet Tender Meat Vendor” and “The Ripper Tramp from France” feature the band spewing morbid tales with a traditional metallic menacing while the two-step style employed on “The Bloody Benders” exhibits this band’s versatility and morbid sense of humor. Enduring over two decades in the underground with the same lineup intact is no easy feat, yet this prolific band has stuck to their guns to create a niche that finds their latest endeavor a strong addition to Macabre catalog.
- Mike SOS