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Grizzled Boston squad Roadsaw make their sixth album an eponymous affair crammed with a hearty helping of an enjoyable retread of meat and potatoes hard rock that shoots first and ask questions later (“Long in the Tooth”). This veteran unit sticks to the template they set nearly two decades ago by packing a powerful punch with simple yet effective guitar crunch (“Thinking of Me”), rarely straying from a tried and true linear design proudly echoing the FM radio grooves from the days of yore (“The Thrill is Waiting”). Roadsaw predominantly doles out four on the floor tunes that get the blood pumping (“Weight in Gold”), yet songs like “Electric Heaven” find the band taking a detour into doomier territory while “Too Much is Not Enough” pounds out with punk brevity, showcasing touches of variation that make this album a solid offering from top to bottom.
- Mike SOS