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Brutal Truth drummer Rich Hoak launches his side project Total Fucking Destruction once again with another celebrated batch of socially aware yet tongue in cheek crossover grindcore madness entitled HATER. This 27-track offering pummels the senses with a searing degree of velocity-driven heaviness (“Nekropunk”) dominating throughout the duration of this album, yet Hoak craftily finds subtle ways to implement a slew of other influences from punk (“Everything You Need But Nothing You Want”) to black metal (“I Not Pose”) to thrash (“Meat Without Feet”) into the unrelenting centrifuge of chaos, resulting in a hellacious hybrid of rapid-fire metal with an alarming array of variety, truly leaving a little something for every part of the metal realm to get into. Doling out just as many contagious hooks (“Murdernumber”) as skull crushing blast beat patterns, Total Fucking Destruction bulldozes musical barriers with their trustworthy experimental mindset propelling their endless search for fresh perspectives to define the current sound of brutal.
- Mike SOS