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Bringing the glory back to how true heavy psychedelic jams should sound, Austin, TX trio Tia Carrera delivers a rollicking four-track offering that excitedly embodies the essence of the headtrip aesthetic entitled COSMIC PRIESTESS. Comprised entirely from jam session improvisations recorded with an Otari MX-70 1" tape machine at the band’s home studio, this near 60-minute affair pays homage to the heavyweights of mind altering music by implementing a bevy of familiar elements and subtle tones of bands such as Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and Black Sabbath into their free-form presentation (“Sand Stone and Pearl”). But don’t mistake this excursion as merely a retread of days gone by or another listless knockoff cashing in on sacred scriptures, as this trippy instrumental endeavor sizzles with tremendously adventurous musical interplay, dazzling guitar and drum tradeoffs, dependable slabs of bass guitar and a vivid organic texture that modern smoke and mirror studio techniques just can’t replicate. Tune in and burn one to this and you’ll be riding the rocketship with these cats in no time.
- Mike SOS