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Entering their fourth decade as a band (despite consistent lineup changes and only Geoff Thorpe left from the original squad), resilient Bay Area outfit Vicious Rumors has arguably outdone themselves on their latest endeavor RAZORBACK KILLERS. This blistering 10-track album boasts a cavalcade of righteous six-string metal heroics, finding the journeyman unit’s rambunctious power metal predilection and over the top thrash metal influence at its creative zenith (“Axe to Grind”) while new lead singer Brian Allen shores up the endlessly tumultuous vocal slot with a powerful and versatile performance that is as confrontational Rob Dukes and as soaring as Ripper Owens (“Razorback Blade”). Melding aggression and melody with the metallic acumen of seasoned pros, Vicious Rumors bust through the gates with an arsenal of galloping riffs (“Rite of Devastation”) and thunderous rhythmic blasts that celebrates their longevity as much as showcases their tenacity.
- Mike SOS