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Norwegian trio Nekromantheon present a bludgeoning 11-track album directly derived from Possessed, Venom (“Alcoholy Terror”) early Slayer, and pre-CHAOS AD Sepultura on DIVINITY OF DEATH. Everything from the blistering riffs and gravel throated growls from days gone by (“Further Beyond”) to the purposely raw production value adds the proper ingredients needed to give songs like “Psyanide” authentic old school crunch while the album’s expedient running time of a bit under 35 minutes ensures that this unit’s homage doesn’t wear its welcome out. Don’t expect anything you’ve never heard before, but if you hanker for a chunk of vintage speed metal with the right hues of darkness and calamity implemented that hit hard and leaves just as abruptly as it arrives, DIVINITY OF DEATH is an disc worth seeking out.
- Mike SOS