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Prolific metal warrior Wino takes a radical departure from the normal sonically crushing experience the St. Vitus frontman is associated with executing on his sophomore solo effort, stripping down his legendary doom metal density for an exercise of primarily acoustic guitar led music on ADRIFT. This intimate 12-track offering displays yet another side of this revered artist, resonating stark singer-songwriter vibes using little else besides barren guitars with brief yet effective electric accompaniment and Wino’s whiskey-soaked vocals, maintaining the level of intensity from his heavier offerings while digging down deep to explore the origins of American styled country, blues and folk music. At times sounding like protest music ripped from a Vietnam rally (“Green Speed”, “I Don’t Care”) while at others wistfully welcoming a whole new spectrum of sounds at his dispose (“O.B.E.”), Wino retains his patented rousing spirit while presenting his music through a whole new light.
- Mike SOS