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German sextet Waterdown proved itself to be a juggernaut outfit upon its debut, breaking boundaries and turning the underground scene on its ear with its debut NEVER KILL THE BOY ON THE FIRST DATE. Now armed with its second release, THE FILES YOU HAVE ON ME, this metallic hardcore meets everything under the radar troupe who've toured with everyone from Jimmy Eat World to Sick of it All have raised the self-placed bar of excellence and come out stronger than ever. Expanding its ever-growing repertoire, Waterdown stuffs Snapcase-esque staccato with the cunning musical arrangements of Refused, without sacrificing heaviness or melodicism. Take "Xerox" for example, a self-contained groove that utilizes dreamy vocal patterns, jazzy drumming, and breakdowns that range from the hummable to the disjointed. And there's 12 more where that came from, folks, which by any estimation, makes Waterdown's latest release one of the most prolific to come out in 2003 and one not to miss if you yearn for a breakthrough band within the heavy music spectrum.
- Mike SOS