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New Mexico-based grindcore unit Noisear displays a versatile stream of extreme metal influences on their latest full-length affair SUBVERT THE DOMINANT PARADIGM. Eschewing modern metal practices, nary a trigger or Pro Tools edit was used when making of this 30-track album, as this act admirably keeps their aggression as visceral as possible while dialing up bombastic blasts of heaviness (“Slave”, “Life Consumed You”). Despite all the usual suspects’ bodies of works easily being traced here, Noisear throws a few surprises in from time to time and does a formidable job of juxtaposing old school grindcore tones with a bevy of styles from slow crawling (“The Perpetual Downfall of Man”) to quirky (“Inoperative”) to straight out blistering (“Information Highway to Hell”). Noisear has made a terse and tumultuous musical offering custom made to properly execute the adventurous spirit and socially conscious awareness this brutal form of music embraces and is a worthy purchase to add to your grindcore set.
- Mike SOS