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Veteran Texas metal unit Helstar unleash a wicked 10-track album chock full of progressively-minded power metal fury and thrash metal enormity entitled THE GLORY OF CHAOS. Led by a versatile vocal demonstration by the criminally-underrated James Rivera, this affair sticks to meat and potato riffs and solos over compositions that pack a punch and flow well, at times sounding like the bastard spawn of Nevermore and Iced Earth (“Monarch of Bloodshed) while at others exuding a concoction of Exodus with a Fates Warning flair (“Bonecrusher”). Ensconced in unabashed heaviness with a genuine metal sensibility guiding their mission, Helstar is amongst the rare metal acts that get heavier as their career continues, and THE GLORY OF CHAOS does so with a convincing fistful of aggression spearheading the surge that fuels tracks like the Death Angel meets Vio-lence clamor of “Anger” and the PAINKILLER-era Judas Priest influenced “Angels Fall to Hell”.
- Mike SOS