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Ubiquitous Long Island power trio Exemption busts through the gate with another mind-bending collection of tunes on their psychedelically sprinkled nine-track affair PUBLIC CEMETERY PARTY. This multi-faceted unit allows its prog rock sensibilities to overshadow their stoner metal tendencies and modern metal panache this time around (“Cold Bodies”) while tumultuous percussive rumbles and layers of delectable guitars illuminate their variety-addled path to musical enlightenment (“White Animal”). Exuding as many moments of jaw dropping musical interludes as produced studio slickness (“Hyper Spiral”) with a boundless energy and freewheeling musical spirit at the helm, the compositions on this release are jam packed with an encyclopedic knowledge of a multitude of rock genres that reaches down deep in the grab bag to obtain wondrous musical prizes for folks who care to have their horizons expanded (“Hounds of Sound”).
- Mike SOS