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North Carolina trio Weedeater unveils a succinct slab of sludge with JASON THE DRAGON, a malaise-ridden and murky10-track, 28-minute offering that picks up right where their last disc left off. Dragged down and drugged up melodies courtesy of Dixie Dave (“Homecoming”) collide with the impenetrable wall of sound laid down by the mammoth rhythm section, creating a racket of hypnotically hazy sludge metal (“Mancoon”) with a few backwoods accoutrements like banjo and nature sounds strewn in for good measure (“Whiskey Creek”). Swampy tempos and buzzing riffs aplenty adorn these tracks (“Long Gone”) while the albums contiguous flow assists each song bleeding into the next, rendering an expository feel that intertwines the colossal heft these songs carry with a deliberate vibe of despair (“Jason the Dragon”). If you like it raw and heavy with a heaping helping of smoked-out bong filled fury, Weedeater’s latest is a must have record to add to your collection.
- Mike SOS