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Much like their last effort, following last release HELIOCENTRIC, Germany’s The Ocean unveil a 10-track companion endeavor a mere seven months later entitled ANTHROPOCENTRIC. This unit’s latest effort marks the first time where band founder Robin Staps allowed outside songwriting influence into the mix, undoubtedly topping up the squad’s already abundant diversity (“Willie Zum Untergang”), yet this affair finds The Ocean decisively heavier and less expansive than its counterpart (“She Was The Universe”) as well. Nonetheless, this quintet maintains the genuine compositional quality and structural cohesion they are lauded for by meshing post metal melancholy, prog metal majesty and the occasional tech metal tweaks that pop up intermittently (“The Grand Inquisitor II: Roots and Locusts”). The Ocean’s usual bounty of metallic texture is ramped up considerably on this disc here, accompanied by a extra helping of aggression throughout that assists in distributing the plethora of sludgy doom metal moments The Ocean consistently provides (“Sewers of the Soul”).
- Mike SOS