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Premiere UK doom metal merchants Electric Wizard return with an eight-track affair chock full of hefty psychedelic swirling guitars, Ozzy-esque echoing vocal refrains, and deliberate drugged-out rhythms entitled BLACK MASSES. While this veteran band has gone through numerous lineup changes and sounds little like it did during their most revered era culminating with 2000’s DOPETHRONE, their recent discovery of vintage recording techniques and equipment, not to mention their unwavering penchant for developing dedicated anthems to Satan that plow through the murky haze with groovy viscosity (“Scorpio Curse”) has yielded a new chapter in their storied career that takes discernible detours yet still stand head and shoulders above the doom metal contingent’s best and most diabolical (“Turn Off Your Mind”). Hypnotically heavy yet shockingly accessible for a band of their ilk, Electric Wizard create a homage to Hell with 70’s horror movie flair laden with effectively redundant compositions rendering contagious verses and choruses (“Patterns of Evil”) championing syrupy bass-driven slow crawls and abrasive lo-fi drone metal noise (“The Nightchild”).
- Mike SOS