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The South Florida two woman, one man trio that comprise Shroud Eater whip up a smorgasbord of sludge metal heaviness on the 11-track THUNDERNOISE. Pounding out raw low end nastiness with soul shaking swagger (“We Are Beasts”) that is surprisingly melodic at times (“Pale Rider”), this unit comes equipped with buzzsaw guitar tone, thick walls of bass guitar, and a thunderous percussive presence slugging out a mélange of grunge fury, post-hardcore discipline, garage rock raucousness, and fuzzed out stoner metal majesty while the album’s bare bones production captures the band’s bare knuckle noise rock tenacity and efficient sludge metal songwriting punch this unit exudes (“Descent from the Summit”). Developing a rich blend of simple and effective abrasiveness, Shroud Eater is a mighty musical force to be reckoned with.
- Mike SOS