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Formed from the remnants of Mister Bones, Canadian quartet Georgian Skull make an attempt to cohesively mash up extreme metal styles on their 11-track debut MOTHER ARMAGEDDON, HEALING APOCALYPSE. Fusing sludge metal ooze, doom metal dread, space metal headtrips, and whatever else they can get their hands on, this boundless troupe serves up a purposely disjointed amalgamation of heaviness that comes off a bit off kilter than their peers more often than not thanks to a plethora of odd genre shifts and warped musical interludes floating in and out (“Doom Lord Pusher”). Despite the adventurous nuances this unit weaves into their sonic crush from talk box cameos (“Hunting the Ghost”) to spoken word incantations (“Intermission”), Georgian Skull strongest efforts result when the band plods through the doom and gloom template with a touch of old school death metal and southern flair at the forefront (“Demon Crippler”).
- Mike SOS