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Satan loves heavy metal, mainly because there are bands like Vassago in the world that provide him a soundtrack to the apocalypse. KNIGHTS FROM HELL is a 15-track ode to Satan and all of his works and deeds and glory and all of that stuff that people that like to paint their faces and wear cloaks and be all weird and kill rabbits buy into. Burn the pentagram in your skull and become enchanted to the damnation eternally! Repent for your ways and bow before the seven headed beast! Listen to this Andy La Rocque (King Diamond) produced album and become one with the hoary netherworld! Despite all of the frivolity that can consume bands that take this sort of act a bit too seriously, Vassago provides some good old fashioned Swedish ass kicking metal, even if they do have songs like "Abysmic Downfall to the Kingdom Where I Will Rule Eternally". Horns up, indeed.
- Mike SOS