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Swedish thrash metal quintet Tuck from Hell take their name from lead singer Niklas Tuck and their musical influence from a smattering of Metallica, Lamb of God, and Municipal Waste judging by this band’s aptly titled debut THRASHING. Rendering a cohesive yet unsurprising affair admittedly wrought in cliché and steeped in idol worship, this disc provides an innocuous paint by numbers account of thrash metal with retro solos galore, a barrage of Exodus-esque riffs (“Italian Stallion”) and hard to take seriously lyrical content that ties in the entire over the top vibe this band shoots for with all guns blazing. Tune in, turn up, and thrash out with this deliberately derivative and freewheeling slab of heaviness to feel the brunt of the first wave of thrash metal’s remnants left for future generations to build upon.
- Mike SOS