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Hello, Cleveland! Red Giant returns to the scene of the crime after a six-year absence with a cosmically enhanced desert rock dust-up entitled DYSFUNCTIONAL MAJESTY. This time around, this quartet balance out their gargantuan galactic explorations with servings of teeth-gnashing stoner metal (“Silver Shirley”) and hard-nosed and dirty blues boogie (“Million Point Buck”, “It Doesn’t Seem Right”), creating a tight and heavy batch of tunes with a solid rock backbone and the propensity to launch into the stratosphere at any given time. Red Giant’s pent up aggression rears its wrath from tip to tail on this endeavor, displayed strongest via the cavalcade of fierce yet fuzzed out guitars expertly trading off between waves of soulful soloing and locking into indomitable grooves (“Lamentations”, “Easy, Killer”). Welcome back, boys!
- Mike SOS