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Former Dictators and Manowar six-stringer Ross the Boss returns with his band’s sophomore effort, the 11-track HAILSTORM. Ripping through a barrage of power metal riffs and galloping rhythms that play like a cross between Iron Maiden’s newer material and Metal Church (“Dead Man’s Curve”) with a few choice moments of soaring guitars strewn in for good measure (“Great Gods Glorious”) and a kick ass ballad chock full of fretwork fireworks (“Among the Ruins”), this born and bred NYC rock veteran mixes it up, as songs like the title cut and “Kingdom Arise” come out of the gate aggressively while “Burn Alive” radiates a 70’s hard rock vibe. Even though this album tends to waver between genres, Ross the Boss and crew maintain a consistent meat and potato metallic quality throughout, yielding a solid offering from tip to tail of traditionally flavored metal.
- Mike SOS