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Los Angeles, CA progressive metal squad Intronaut continue to rewrite the book on taking it to the next level as audible on the group’s third release VALLEY OF SMOKE. This quartet’s latest eight tracks demonstrate the proper way to bend minds and blow people away with both grace and power (“Above”), as Intronaut’s combination of exemplary musicianship, astonishing versatility and fluid songwriting needs to be heard numerous times in order to truly grasp all of the beauty and wonder this outfit has created. Dynamic as it is dramatic with a plethora of stylistic shake-ups and jaw dropping interludes that will have you scrambling for the repeat button, Intronaut have crafted a triumphant metallic amalgamation that tantalizes the senses and raises the bar for the modern metal sect that earmark Isis, Baroness, and Mastodon as their leaders.
- Mike SOS