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Sweet Cobra dishes out a salvo of sludge rock on their latest eight-track affair MERCY. Adorned with viscous guitar grooves and hypnotic rhythmic passages, this squad churns out a jagged mix of bottom-heavy abrasiveness (“Crusader”) and nerve-rattling dissonance (“Reinhold London”) with machine-like cadence (“Matriarch”). Including touches of harmonic vocals and straight ahead hardcore muscle (“Wounded Parade”) into their molten mix of sludge metal, stoner rock, and desert doom, this Chicago-based unit confidently displays a vicious versatility that makes their unsettling slabs of aggression a tad more uncomfortable than most. Sadly, this menacing band’s future is in question due to the untimely passing of guitarist Mat Arluck, so if this is the last taste of what this band delivers, it is a proper swan song.
- Mike SOS