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Blending death metal, noise rock and grindcore into a colossal 12-track affair, Wojczech provides a diabolically abrasive collection of tunes on PULSUS LETALIS. Featuring a bevy of relentless blast beats, dissonant guitar riffs, and a twin vocal tandem that covers both the blood curdling highs and guttural lows, this outfit packs the feral firepower to rip faces off of skulls (“Steinzeiten”, “Izotope”) yet throws a fair share of off kilter rhythmic movements in between the devastation to make the overall presentation brutally off balanced (“67°48’0’’N 12°50’0’’O”). Confrontational yet unconventional, this German squad pummels the eardrums with an unabashed combination of blazing speed and unadulterated heaviness.
- Mike SOS