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Wive is a DIY collective musical project who creates somber electronic music with an avant-garde flair as documented on their 10-track excursion PVLL. Combining minimalist orchestral compositions, drone metal atmospheres, traditional instrumentation and modern studio manipulations anchored by piano and strings to create their unique synthetic soundscape, this unit lays down a array of songs whose haunted charm seems more concerned with creating mood rather than crafting a killer hook (“The Day Bvrnt to Death”). Ripe with lullaby quality serenity (“Come, Join the See”), it is interesting to note that despite the member’s working on this album in a long distance tape-trading scenario, there’s never a lapse in the calming continuity heard throughout. Luxuriously full of lament, Wive have made a massively melancholic album custom made for those reflective moments or dreary daydreaming days.
- Mike SOS