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Dropping a 12-track full length record after just releasing their eponymous introduction a few months back, California quartet Gypsyhawk’s sound stays the course, offering up a blues-soaked vintage rock ride full of tasty guitars and good time boogie (“The Rabble and the Ruled”) on PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE. In fairness, a few of the tracks can be found on both releases, not making this a completely new endeavor. Nonetheless, this unit still pays as much homage to Thin Lizzy allowed by law without having to cut Scott Gorham and company a check, yet this outfit cleverly inject a few hazy hits of stoner rock goodness to balance the whole endeavor out from being a full-on tribute (“The Bokors Procession”). Throwing down oodles of hip-shaking shuffles and twin guitars aplenty with touches of Fireball Ministry by way of Five Horse Johnson moments, Gyspyhawk’s trip through 70’s hard rock yields an enjoyably powerful excursion into past glories of the days of rock ‘n roll yore.
- Mike SOS