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Awakened from their slumber, Sweden’s The Crown returns in ferocious form on their comeback release DOOMSDAY KING. This savage smorgasbord of relentless aggression (“Through the Eyes of Oblivion”) showcases this mighty band in arguably the best fighting shape of their career, pumping out a flurry of powerful tunes with the vigor and venom as if they never disbanded in 2004 (“Blood O.D.”). Led by the gravel throated growl of new vocalist/ ex-God Macabre singer Jonas Stålhammar, the pummeling rhythms and bruising riffs this lauded unit are known for can be found in abundance across the span of this 10-track offering (“Angel of Death 1839”, “Soul Slasher”), as The Crown makes no mistake when putting the message out that they have returned to reclaim their position amongst the top of the heap. Spreading their bounty of thrash metal speed and death metal destruction with an unbridled proclamation of brutality, The Crown have made an album chock full of the devices that truly demonstrate why they are still regarded as part of melodic death metal’s upper echelon of artists.
- Mike SOS