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Erie, PA trio Sacred 13 unleash a slab of ferocious hard rock brimming with attitude on their 13-track offering JAGGED REGRETS. Double barrel guitar riffs lead this squad’s Godsmack meets Randy Rhoads-era feel of “Inferno” while a bottle of whiskey and some Hellyeah seem to be the most influential forces behind “Tomorrow”. Despite a spotty production and slightly contrived songwriting, the pounding rhythms, gravel-throated vocals and Zakk Wylde-esque contagious riffs (“Don’t Be Afraid”, “I Don’t Care”) are a bit derivative but hit the nail on the head, exhibiting this unit’s uncanny knack to crank like nobody’s business when trying not to be commercial radio darlings a la Shinedown or Nickelback (“Lifeless”).
- Mike SOS