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Duane Peters is a legend in many underground circles, yet the controversial skater turned punk singer hasn't rested on the fruits of his labor. To further his icon status, he leads the seething punk rock clan U.S. Bombs through another eye opening punk rock album. The latest realizations the U.S. Bombs make via song encompass the 13-track COVERT ACTION, where Peters tells it like he sees it, as the band burns on in true So Cal punk rock flare. No filler, no silliness, and not a shred of cuteness amongst the quintet can you find on this disc; instead, be prepared to be cajoled, jerked around, and have all of your beliefs questioned and authorities challenged, all while throwing your hands up in defiance in the circle pit. Following the blueprints of rebellion drawn up by such bands as GBH and Sex Pistols, U.S. Bombs do its part to wake up the collective conscience of the obese, laconic giant known as the United States of America the best way they know how, with Peters' growl and bark and the band's twin guitar fueled punk rock attack trailing closely behind.
- Mike SOS