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Swedish metal juggernaut In Mourning present a progressive minded modern metal smorgasbord on their eight-track release MONOLITH. Smashing the wares of Katatonia, Opeth, and Swallow the Sun together to form a colossal metallic entity with a wealth of textures and shades, this quintet distributes a masterfully composed strand of majestically mammoth melodies (“The Smoke”). Showcasing an uncanny capability to dually engage and enrage, this troupe’s fearless musicianship allows the band to make smooth transitions from scalding death metal to ethereal atmospheres without tripping over itself or disrupting the overall flow (“The Final Solution”). Cramming everything possible into an album’s framework can be risky, yet In Mourning decisively pulls off this feat and creates a cohesive collection of tunes bursting with tasty intricacies and clever arrangement nuances in the process.
- Mike SOS