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Oceano’s sophomore effort CONTAGION unquestionably produces a bountiful array of low-end rumble with moshpit-friendly breakdowns galore (“Viral Re-Animation”). Led by Adam Warren’s feral vocal roar, there is no questioning the sheer heaviness this band exudes, as the twin seven-string guitar chugfests are ripe with skull-crushing riffs and nasty stop-motion rhythmic switches (“Precursor to Enslavement”) and the battering provided by the bass and drums is an undeniable driving force in this deathcore quintet’s attack (“Weaponized”). Yet it seems as if the band has painted itself in a corner with their singular penchant for inflicting punishing music to the ears, as much of the music from this 11-track release stays at the same tempo and same level of ferocity throughout with little derivation sans the doom-esque vibe radiated from “Exist in Confinement”, ultimately rendering the album much like the work of many of their peers in the genre, stale in rather short order.
- Mike SOS